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Oh Joy! Video games are good for kids

A report by the European Union concluded that video games teach kids "important skills in the information society."

I have been consoled by the general consensus that scientists should stop researching video games.

Now the European Union has reached a conclusion that may make some of you reach for the person in the next cubicle and offer them inappropriate physical contact.

Video games are, according to the EU, good for kids.

They are not gaming. They are learning important skills in the information society. CC Totoro

The report boldly goes where perhaps no report has gone before: "Video games can stimulate learning of facts and skills such as strategic thinking, creativity, cooperation and innovative thinking, which are important skills in the information society."


The manifestly idiosyncratic authors of this report go on to declare: "Video games are a great stimulant which in addition to entertainment can also be used for educational purposes (....) schools should pay attention to video games and informing children and parents about benefits and disadvantages that video games can have."

Oh, yes, the report does go on a little about ratings systems. But I refuse to be tainted by anything other than radiant news for gamers.

So rush out and buy your kids a few video games. At the very least, it will improve the dexterity of their fingers. Which will make them more adept at turning on the dishwasher. And replacing light bulbs.