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Official 'Watchmen' costumes hit Net--for better or worse

A whole post about Watchmen without anyone "watching the Watchmen" references.

Last year, my friend Matt Hastings predicted that the coming Halloween would see a flood of people in unfortunate Joker costumes, inspired by "The Dark Knight." He was, of course, right. I'm hereby predicting that every un-creative person in the world will try being Rorschach from "Watchmen" this year. Mark my words.

Rorschach mask

These new officially licensed Watchmen movie costumes might make that easier. There are versions of all the major players in the film. A couple of them look pretty good, but the Nite Owl requires some imagination on the viewer's part.

The Silk Spectre II looks great. If I find a girl at a Halloween party wearing one I wouldn't make fun of her. I'd probably ask her to marry me.

The Comedian's treatment is good, but I can't figure out why it has fake bare arms. That's odd.

And of course there's Rorschach, which doesn't look bad, but you could really make your own getup cheaper by raiding Grandpa's closet and staining a piece of cloth. I mean, when I saw the movie last week there were people in their own homemade Rorschach costumes. I thought they were going to get into a fight, but I saved them the trouble by beating both of them up and yelling, "Neeeeerrrrrrrrds!" like Ogre from "Revenge of the Nerds."