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Official Twitter app for Android 2.1: Sweet tweet treats

An official Twitter app for version 2.1 of Android puts tweets in your address book and shows previews of your tweeted photos

Get ready to retweet -- an official Twitter app for Android 2.1 is now available from the Android Market.

What does it do?
The free app takes on other third-party apps like Seesmic and Twidroid by focusing on sharing Twitter information with other features on your phone. For example, the app enables your friends' tweets to appear alongside their contact info in your address book.

Seeing tweets way down at the bottom of a friend's contact information isn't much use. But we like the fact that tweets are visible in the QuickContact bar that shows up when you tap either a photo in the contacts list or a shortcut to your favourite person on the home page.

You can also download your Twitter contacts into your address book, although we'll rarely need to get in touch with the people we follow on Twitter. For some reason, Obama screens our calls.

The official Twitter app also comes with two blindingly blue home-screen widgets. Both show the latest tweet, and the larger one, which looks very much like the official Facebook widget, also lets you write a pint-sized update right from the home screen.

So far, our favourite feature of the new app is the teeny preview feature that lets you see pictures posted in tweets.

What's missing?
Unfortunately, the app restricts you to using just one Twitter account at the moment, so we'll be sticking with Seesmic for now. Twitter says that it's working on more features for the app, and we hope it improves stability too -- we found the app crashed frequently on our Google Nexus One.

App Attack verdict
Twitter's official app for Android has some fresh features that tickle our fancy, but it needs to be more stable before we'll make the switch.

Scan the QR code above to snag the official Twitter app for yourself, or search for Twitter in the Android Market on your phone. Remember, you'll need at least version 2.1 of Android. 

In related news, Twitter will be introducing a code snippet for including tweets in a Web page, claiming "tweets are the new quotes".