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Official new Blu-ray chart puts Max Payne top of the pops

Blu-ray now has an official chart covering all the major retailers, which should see every Blu-ray fan on the edge of their seat to see where their favourite platter has charted

Having won the format war over a year ago, Blu-ray appears to be going from strength to strength, and now it's only gone and got itself an official chart. The league table appears at, a cross-industry site promoting the format to viewers here in Blighty.

The hit pa-ray-de, compiled by the Official Chart Company, gathers information from hundred of independent shops and the major retailers including Amazon, Play, LoveFilm, supermarkets and the high street. Is there anybody even left on the high street? We haven't bought anything in a shop since 2002.

The inaugural chart places videogame spin-off Max Payne at number one, with poorly thought-out Bond Quantum of Solace at two and emo-bloodsucker tosh Twilight at three. Classic WW2 ensemble A Bridge Too Far has parachuted into the chart and is doggedly defending a very British bridgehead at number nine from The Bourne Ultimatum at ten.

We like a good chart, and we're thrilled that we'll no longer have to rely on such fly-by-night listings as the Asda Blu-ray chart, with the brutal American History X inexplicably at three, or Amazon, which has yawnfest remake The Day The Earth Stood Still in the top spot, and the official chart-toppper Max Payne at a lowly 48. Quandary of Sausage weighs in at three, but a quick squizz further down the chart reveals more entertainment and financial value with any of the classic Bonds for less than a tenner. Shocking. Poshitively shocking.

An all-time top ten chart has also been revealed: no surprise that it's topped by the peerless Dark Knight, with Casino Royale and Question of Sport bracketting Iron Man, and Wall-E rounding out the top five. Sadly, Mamma Mia and Indiana Jones and the Boredom of the Crystal Skull are also in the top ten, which just shows there's no accounting for taste. In the mood for more Blu-ray number-crunching? Check out our Blu-ray speed test.

Right, we're off for a Blu-ray Bondathon with Roger Moore in leathery high definition. Just keeping the British end up...