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'Office in a Bucket': an inflatable room

Escape the crowds and your co-workers by constructing an inflatable barrier between you and the outside world: it's time to bust out your Office in a Bucket

Here at Crave we spend all day sitting around in gorgeous white spheres evaluating beautiful tech products. So imagine our delight to hear that we can now inflate a pure white office in our gardens at home as well, and keep up the good work on those lazy summer evenings when we're blogging away at home. The bliss. All you need is the Office in a Bucket (OIAB) -- it's like Steve Jobs has built you a garden shed.

The trusty OIAB does exactly what it says on the bucket. Simply pull the fabric out of the bucket, plug it into a power source and the fan in the base of the bucket will inflate it in about eight minutes via a terrifying umbilical membrane (see picture). There's no door system, but you can clip it shut for "added privacy", according to the OIAB's manufacturer Inflate.

A few caveats to bear in mind about your new cave:

- It may create the illusion of privacy, but the PU-coated nylon structure won't provide much sound protection, so people can still hear you gossiping.

- It doesn't have a roof and needs a constant power supply, so it isn't so useful for being outside.

- It's not cheap. With rental prices starting at £150 per day, you may be better off pitching a tent in your office if you're that desperate for privacy.

Inflate says it's designed for exhibitions or presentations, and we can't think of many other uses that would justify the price, but let us know if you think of anything.

The OIAB is available in two standard sizes -- 3 by 4m and 4 by 5m (both have a height of 2.2m) -- although bespoke sizes can be made to order. -IM