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Office Depot trying to demystify green, recycling

Confused on what constitutes a green product? You're not the only one.

One of the toughest things about being environmentally sensitive is knowing exactly how to do so.

To that end, Office Depot will launch a new brand on Earth Day (April 22) called "Office Depot Green" that will specialize in green products. And the company will explain why its products are green too, i.e. provide information on recycling, reuseability, etc. The company will also set up programs for small businesses that will explain strategies and tips for energy efficiency and other topics. Designer Kelly LaPlante will set up a site later this year that will rate the greenness of building materials.

The company is also taking a number of steps to reduce its carbon footprint. It is building a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-certified building in Austin, Texas. (Making a new building LEED-certified only adds about two percent to the overall costs, according to developers who specialize in building them.) It is also swapping in high-output fluorescents with regular bulbs and testing out low-emission vehicles for deliveries.