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Office 2013 desktop suite pops up in Windows Store

The newly released desktop application can now be found in Microsoft's online store for Windows 8 users.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Microsoft's Office 2013 desktop application has a home in the Windows Store.

The Windows Store hosts apps for Windows 8 and RT, which you can download directly. But it also serves as a pointer for traditional desktop applications. Instead of letting you download desktop programs directly, the store aims you at a Web site where you can download and purchase the product. And that's the case with Office 2013.

Running a search for "Microsoft Office" in the Windows Store displays several results, including one for Office 2013. Click on that result, and you'll see an overview, details, and eventually reviews of the new suite. Clicking the link to go to the publisher's site brings you to the Office 2013 product page. From there, you can choose which edition or individual application you want to buy.

Of course, you can save all that time and simply surf directly to the Office Web page.

But for people who don't know where to go, the Windows Store at least can point them in the right direction.

Office 2013 is compatible with Windows 7 and 8. Vista and XP users are out of the running.

Windows 8 users can download and buy the desktop version of Office 2013. Windows RT users are out of luck as the software doesn't support ARM-based devices. But Windows RT tablets already offer a free version of Office specifically designed for the OS.

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