Office 2008: Problems registering; Home and Student version has no Exchange support

Some are known issues.


[Wednesday, February 6th]

Problems registering Several readers have reported problems registering Office 2008. MacFixIt reader Betty Kantrowitz writes:

"I had no trouble installing office 2008. However, I am unable to register the software as my PID (product ID) is not recognized.

Microsoft now says this is a known issue:

"Microsoft is working to resolve an issue that is preventing the Microsoft product registration system from accepting some valid Office 2008 product ID numbers. Product registration is not required to use Office 2008 for Mac, and your product will work correctly regardless of registration. We ask that all customers who are experiencing this issue postpone registration until Microsoft has resolved the issue. We will update this information when the issue is resolved."

Home and Student version has no Exchange support A reminder: the Office 2008 Student Home and Student version does not include support for Exchange in Entourage. It also lacks Automator actions for Entourage.

Problems with "Search in all directions" Users have reported an issue where the Search and Replace Command does not work for searching behind the current placement of the cursor -- it only works forward form the cursor. MacFixIt reader Philippe Duhamel writes:

"When the Search and Replace command is set to 'All direction', Word 2008 will NOT conduct the search in the portion of the document above the cursor. In all previous versions of Word, the Search and Replace command set to Both directions would find and replace all occurrences in the document. Not so with Word 2008. It only searches towards the end."

If you are experiencing a similar issue, please let us know.

Problems printing to PDF One MacFixIt reader reports an issue with printing to a PDF routed to Entourage:

"Mac Office 2004 prints a PDF with the option to email via Entourage. When selected in the Apple print menu, the PDF is generated and Entourage opens a new mail message with that PDF automatically attached. Mac Office 2008 gives an error message "error when printing" when doing the same print to Entourage."


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