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Office 2004: Envelope issues; Word and Small Caps; Word stability issues

Office 2004: Envelope issues; Word and Small Caps; Word stability issues

We continue our coverage of Microsoft Office 2004 with a few reports from readers:

Envelope issues MacFixIt reader Tom Hartig notes an issue with Word 2004 when printing envelopes:

"I upgraded to Office 2004 on my G4/dual 1.25 GHz yesterday (OS 10.3.4). I went to do my first envelop with Word and all runs like before. When you actually create the envelop, however, a full page document appears. I send dozens of letters a day."

Word and Small Caps Steve Englehart notes oddities when using Small Caps in a Word document:

"I haven't done exhaustive tests on this but the following is true: Create a table, [and then] type text in the cells using Small Caps. Some of the capital letters morph into other letters."

[UPDATE: The original article stated that the issue was with Excel; it is actually with Word.]

Word stability issues Reader Gabriel Dorado notes several memory-related issues with Word 2004:

"Office 2004 may report the following problems:

"1. 'There is insufficient memory. Save the document now,' yet the Mac has sufficient memory (1 GB RAM and 100 GB HD) and no other applications are running. And in any case no problems arise afterwards.

"2. If Word unexpectedly quits the contents of the clipboard are erased. In other words, if you copy some text in Word and then it unexpectedly quits, then such clipboard contents are lost. Note that if you quit Word (instead of an unexpected quit) then the clipboard contents remain to paste them elsewhere.

"3. Due to the peculiar Word memory management (issues 1 and 2 above), sometimes Word 2004 unexpectedly quits; mainly when you copy/paste in a Word document or even when you copy in a Word document and then close such Word document window. Then a [Microsoft crash reporter] window is issued to send the report to Microsoft."

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