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Offended by AC/OS?

A product marketing manager at Oracle gave false reasons for leaving my other blog. Is this what the web is about?

I was surprised to get an email this morning telling me that someone from Oracle had unsubscribed from AC/OS, my more personal blog. Surprised on two counts:

  1. I didn't know anyone read it anymore now that I've moved 99% of my blog activity here and
  2. The reason this person gave for leaving.

What offended this person or gave them cause to strongly disagree with me? Well, the last five posts are as follows:

  • The best football team on the planet [Maybe he likes Manchester United?]
  • Traffic school with Phil Windley [Maybe he thinks I'm a criminal?]
  • One million miles with Delta [Maybe he prefers United?]
  • Another reason to live in Utah [Maybe he's sad because he has to ski the slush of Tahoe?]
  • 13 lucky years [Maybe he dated my wife in high school and is still upset she chose me?]

Whatever the reason, it's one of the downsides of the web: you can make false accusations with little punitive impact. Maybe that's why he unsubscribed: I'm an admirer or Oracle's business but not always it's open-source practices. But that's this blog, my Oracle friend, not AC/OS.