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Off-topic: The downside to working from home

Sometimes you can't control who will invade your work space when you work from home.

Working with Lily Matt Asay

Most of the time I love working from home. I've been doing it for nearly 10 years, and greatly appreciate the freedom and productivity that I find working at home.

And then there are times like this afternoon. I decided to take my laptop on the floor to work. You know, get a change of scenery, right?

It was working like a charm until Lily, my three-year old, decided to invade my work space. Even that wasn't so bad until she climbed up on my shoulders and started pinching my ears. I tried moving her but she told me she couldn't get down on the ground because "Someone might bite [her] legs."

When asked, "Who?" she had no answer. But by that point, it really didn't matter anymore. She had conquered. Work was banished.

Note to self: remember to install a new lock on the door.