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Off-topic: The Dark Knight is...very, very dark

The Dark Knight is a bit too dark for my tastes.

I took my team to see The Dark Knight today to celebrate the good work they've done. I might have chosen a better reward.

The movie is exceptionally well done. It is also relentless. Everyone is smeared. Everyone is corrupt (or corruptible). Except, frustratingly, Batman. What I would have given for him to end the movie early by listening to the Joker: "Hit me!" It would have been soooo easy.

Anyway, I only blog it here because I know many of you will want to see it. I don't suggest that you not see it, but that you go expecting something far bleaker and infinitely darker than the first one (which I loved, but which was Christmas by the fireside compared to this). People keep asking me if I liked it. I did, but not like I liked the Spiderman movies or Batman Begins.

This one didn't leave me looking forward to the next one. It left me worried.

You'll probably disagree. It was just a bit too much for me. Two hours after the movie ended and I still feel like I need a hug.