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Off-topic: Sunday pie with the Asays


I hadn't made a chocolate pie for some time, so today I used the eggs and whipping cream left over from Thanksgiving, as well as the Ghiradelli chocolate I always keep on hand, to put together this chocolate mousse pie. It was just what I needed after a weekend with the flu.

My problem is that I end up eating a gallon of the pie filling well before it comes time to eat the finished pie, so I'm rarely all that hungry for the pie. The only thing that made me anticipate this one was the sweet almond cream crust that I made to complement the chocolate mousse.

Lily Asay

As a testament to how well this pie turned out, even my kids ate it. (Normally, they don't want anything to do with pie.) Lily, pictured at left, kept saying, "Ooh, Daddy. This pie good! I like pie."

And so would you. Fly out to see us on a Sunday and we'll take care of you with good food and good pie. One more reason to visit Utah.

(Did I mention the ski resorts are now open?)