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Off-topic: Skiing Deer Valley

Skiing is great...why don't you join me?

Every Saturday my three oldest kids have ski lessons at Deer Valley. Every Saturday I spend a few hours on the slopes and a few hours in the lodge eating Deer Valley's amazing turkey chili and reading or working (as was the case today). It's a great way to cap off a week.

Especially today, when the powder was knee-deep and, as ever at Deer Valley, it took all of 30 seconds to get through the "line." I had my little Canon PowerShot 1000 camera (not camcorder) with me and decided to capture a brief frolic down Ontario Bowl here. Next week I'll need to use my helmet cam so that I can actually ski rather than fretting about dropping my camera:

Not very easy to ski with two poles in one hand and a camera in the right, but it was fun all the same....But better with friends. Which brings me to my next point.

Here are two pictures: one of me (boring) and one of my neighbors across the street, Raj and Bretta, whose kids also do the ski lessons. Saturday is invariably when we compare notes on the latest BBC miniseries to watch, as Bretta is always up on the new ones.

Tell you what. If you happen to be in Utah on a weekend, please email me and I'd love to meet up. Larry Augustin and a few others have taken me up on the offer before, and it's always been a lot of fun and interesting to learn from them. Come spend Saturday in Utah powder.