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Off-topic: No Wii? Get Craigslist

Craiglist is near perfect.

Not sure about elsewhere in the country, but here in Salt Lake City it's virtually impossible to find the Wii. I sold our XBox 360 a week or so ago (in under 24 hours) on Craigslist, given its paucity of kid-friendly games. Yesterday I went in search of the Wii to appease my eight-year old son's thirst for Mario.

But we couldn't find one...anywhere. I called and visited every store in the Salt Lake Valley that carries electronics, to no avail. My son suspected that I was just pretending as my wife and I aren't big on having our kids fritter away time on games.

Later I decided to check Craigslist to see if someone had a Wii for sale. Two hours later in a Shopko parking lot, I had a brand-new Wii for a $50 markup (much better than the $100+ markups on Beautiful.

Craigslist is near perfect. But for the fact that it won't allow a pan-US search for goods, I am nearly willing to start a religion around it. It has worked for me before in selling things; today it worked even better in buying things.

Why? Because Craiglist makes foraging in the offline world much, much

P.S. Javier, you can run, but you can't hide.