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Off-topic: Happy Arsenal Sunday

Arsenal won. All is right in the universe.

Arsenal 2, Fulham 1. All is right in the universe.

Now if only we could score first, I'd sleep a lot easier at night.

Robin Van Persie (a better man/player than Thierry Henry, or will be) and Hleb both scored. The Hleb goal is fantastic. You can feel the elation in the crowd as he scored. And you can see the shock and awe in Fabregas' face in this picture:


It was made better by Manchester United tying. If only Birmingham could have stalled Chelski. (And doubly unfortunate that Gerard was able to put in such an amazing free kick against Aston Villa.) But at least Tottenham lost yesterday to the inimitable Roy Keane.

Arsenal, the choice of the open-source generation. :-)