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Off-topic: Fifa releases revised list of the top-20 soccer countries

The United States? Barely scrapes 20.

Who has the best soccer team on the planet? At least, at the national level (since we all know Arsenal is the best club on this planet). Argentina.

Here are the rankings (last year's ranking in parentheses):

1. (1) Argentina
2. (2) Brazil
3. (3) Italy
4. (4) Spain
5. (5) Germany
6. (6) Czech Republic
7. (7) France
8. (8) Portugal
9. (9) Netherlands
10. (10) Croatia

Arsenal? They've got players on all of those national teams except for Italy (Sorry, Fabrizio, but Arsenal can't afford to put its fans to sleep with Italian football!) and Portugal.

As for the US? Well, it barely scraped #20.