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Off-topic: Blackburn 2 Arsenal 3 (Carling Cup)


Arsenal's young guns refused to capitulate to Blackburn's heavy-handed tactics and pulled out a 3-2 win at Ewood Park. Arsenal really should never have let Blackburn get close, having gone up 2-0 in the first half, only to allow Blackburn to pull back a goal before the half.

Blackburn is a team that I loathe with an unrighteous passion, so seeing them knocked out of the only competition they had any hope of winning did my heart good. Not very Christmas-y of me, but that's OK.

Interestingly, Arsenal moved the ball really well, something it hasn't done well (except against Chelsea) for several games. Blackburn tried to get their spikes into Arsenal at every opportunity, but the young lads moved the ball around so fast that Blackburn just ended up looking foolish most of the time.