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Off-topic: Arsenal 3, Sheffield United 0 (Carling Cup)

Arsenal. Again.

On a day when Chelsea struggled to beat no-name Leicester, inching ahead only in the final minutes of the match (after giving up three goals at home), Arsenal annihilated Sheffield United with Eduardo slotting home two for the Gunners, one of which was an incredible shot that hit 69 MPH before it rifled into the net.

As ever, Arsenal played its reserves and back-ups, and could have beat any first team in the Premiership with the lads. I watched the Liverpool game last night, not having had the chance to watch it when it was first played, and it was shocking how much better Arsenal played than the cravenly Liverpool did. There is no better team on the planet right now than Arsenal.

Walcott didn't have his best game today, nor did Diaby or Bendtner. Diarra looked good, however, and several of the Arsenal newbies (Gibbs, for example) looked like they'll be worthy of joining the first team in a few years. I just wished that I would have had the chance to see more of Merida, who only played a few minutes at the end.

Arsenal wasn't at its best today, but its second-best seems adequate to beat all but the best teams.