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Off-topic: Arsenal 3, Reading 1


It should have been a different scoreline, both because Adebayor was profligate in front of goal in the first three minutes (He should have chipped it over Hahnemann or rounded the bloated American keeper) and because the linesman erroneously called Adebayor off-sides when a beautiful counter-attack resulted in a disallowed goal. Adebayor continues to baffle me, but he at least looked dangerous after that first goal.

Speaking of baffling, where was Eduardo? Why do we persist in putting Adebayor along in the striker position with Hleb trailing in no-man's land? I'd sooner try pairing Adebayor and Eduardo upfront (Adebayor seems allergic to shooting from anywhere except directly in front of goal from six yards out while Eduardo isn't afraid to shoot from outside the box).

But at least give Eduardo a chance to build some momentum.

Anyway, while the first half was painful to watch with Reading hunkered down, determined not to get pulverized like last year (4-0), Flamini's goal opened it up and it made for an enjoyable second half. With the two-goal differential Arsenal went back to the top of the table, where we will stay for at least another week and a half (internationals). But the real test will be December when Arsenal face a torrent of games.

Here's hoping the run continues.

By the way, I couldn't help but feel bad for Gilberto. Here's a guy who has given his heart to the team, and yet is resigned to freezing his tail off on the bench. But for his captaining Brazil in the Copa America, he'd still be in the starting XI. Once an Arsenal player hits the ripe old age of 30, I guess they should be looking for the exit. (Still, Flamini has done an excellent job and shouldn't be shafted, either.)