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Off-topic: Arsenal 3, Portsmouth 1

And again...

I never watch the games on Sunday (but will watch it tomorrow), but I do read the gamecasts/match reports. But for Senderos' red card, this game would have been over at half-time, even though Portsmouth showed some character to fight back.

This is the best start to a season that we have had in several years. We're essentially tied for first with a game in hand (meaning, Arsenal has played one less game than everyone else, as has Liverpool, due to Champions League qualifier matches). The team is clearly growing in confidence. And that, of course, is much of the battle.

I'll be in London next week to see England play Russia and Arsenal play Tottenham. Unfortunately, it's at White Hart Lane so I can't wear my Arsenal jersey - I don't like being beat up. I'm told I also have an Alfresco management meeting while I'm there, but I'm trying to focus on the games. First things first. :-)