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Off-topic: Arsenal 3 Newcastle 0 (FA Cup)


After Arsenal's blistering defeat to Tottenham last week, I figured it would be a test of their mettle to see how they responded against Newcastle, which put up a good fight against Arsenal earlier in the season. Despite a slow start, Arsenal has clearly moved on.

I would have liked to have seen Fabregas and Walcott score, as neither has been confident in front of goal. Walcott played reasonably well today but couldn't get rid of the ball fast enough when he was anywhere near the goal. Very disappointing.

Diaby played better, and Senderos was good enough. Adebayor...? He played very well and is starting to earn my confidence, though I really would have liked to have seen him pass the ball to Eduardo on his second goal. Yes, he ended up putting it in, but Eduardo was clear to his right before Adebayor shimmied his way over to the right before taking the shot.


Bendtner didn't play and that's fine with me. His arrogance is starting to wear on me (and, apparently, on the other players). He's a good player but needs to learn his place. This is what led to his bust-up with Adebayor. He's still the junior man on the totem pole and needs to remember that. It was nice to see him warm up and then sit the bench. He needs that lesson in humility.

As for Eduardo...what can I say? He is turning out to be an exceptionally astute signing by Wenger. His first bending ball into the post set up Adebayor's goal. The only surprising thing about his play today is that he didn't score in his typical slow-motion/time-stops-while-he-slots-the-ball-home signature moves.

All in all, not a great display by the Gunners but a good enough response to their defeat at the Spurs' hands. My one big dilemma is whether to cheer for Manchester United or Tottenham tomorrow. I'd like to see Tottenham get put back in its place, but I'm also aware that beating Tottenham will be easy compared to beating Manchester United should they meet up later in the competition. Decisions, decisions.