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Off-topic: Arsenal 2, Manchester United 2


David and Goliath played today, and the match ended in a draw. Manchester United has spent easily ten times the amount of money on its players as Arsenal has, yet Arsenal looked dominant throughout the match. With 10 more Arsene Wengers, Manchester United would have to compete with 10 more Arsenals. It showed today that it almost knew how to cope. Almost.

The one place that Manchester United looked more threatening was where it matters most: in front of goal. Arsenal created too few chances to truly deserve to have won, but it did show Manchester United how to hold and move the ball.

Cesc Fabregas celebrates his goal BBC

Arsenal needs a new striker. Adebayor does not have the quality to win big games. Adebayor started the season well but has slipped back into his old ways: seven games without a goal. That's inexcusable for a striker. I would have put Eduardo in at the half to give him a chance to repeat his double against Sheffield United earlier in the week. This was not, of course, Sheffield United, but Adebayor was never a real threat in the game. Arsenal can't win the big games with an impotent striker.

Ultimately, I still think Arsenal is the team to beat this season. Manchester United will be a contender, having spent hundreds of millions of dollars on its team. But it is Arsenal that is defining the style of play that must be beaten to reach the top. Now we just need one or two quality strikers and we're set. (Van Persie is one and Eduardo may be another, but who will be third and fourth?)

As for Fabregas...he is near divinity at present.