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Off-topic: Arsenal 2, Bolton 0


Arsenal continued its unbeaten streak with a gritty win over Bolton. Bolton came to the Emirates content to sit back with 10 men behind the ball, and Arsenal finally punished them for their boring, defensive play with a drive from Toure in the 67th minute. Watching him anxious to hit the ball, I worried that he was going to knock the ball over the net. But he drilled it low to the ground giving Arsenal the lead.

Walcott then set up the crushing blow in the 80th minute to Rosicky (both of them coming on as substitutions for an erratic Eboue, who missed a clear chance on goal after the break, and for Eduardo, who didn't impress in this outing), who slotted it home.

Walcott has proved himself to be a game-changer, though his first Premiership goal continues to elude him.

This victory was sweet for me, as there is only one other team that I despise as much as Bolton, and that is Blackburn. Watching Diouf, Davies, and Campo trudge off in defeat, I felt a pang of remorse...that we can't play and beat Bolton every single week.

It's too bad that Liverpool managed to stutter out a win (which they hardly deserved - they have turned out to be a waste this season), as did Chelsea. Arsenal stays top of the table, but the also-rans are not giving up easily.