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Off-topic: Arsenal 1 Tottenham 1 - Arsenal's reserves get lucky


I have full faith and confidence in Arsene Wenger as Arsenal's coach, but his Carling Cup policy of playing his most youthful team was nearly fatal today. It took a beautiful through ball by Eduardo to a speedy (but ineffective the rest of the match) Walcott to bring the game level. It was much, much more than we deserved.

Tottenham played very well - I give them credit. That they didn't win by three or four points, however, is not down to Arsenal's defending, which was poor, but rather down to their own profligacy in front of goal. Before the match I would have taken Jermaine Defoe as a backup striker for Arsenal. But not after his horrendous miss.

Anyway, it was not an enjoyable match to watch from the Arsenal perspective. The midfield was even worse than the back line. Diaby, whom I normally like, was pitiful. Gilberto continues to demonstrate why he hasn't started all season, and the whole lot gave away more passes than they made.

A match to forget. I have. I'll be looking forward to Arsenal playing much better at White Hart Lane for the second leg.