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Off-topic: Arsenal 1, Newcastle 1 (ARGH!)


Arsenal have been looking very shaky these past few games. Call it a lack of Fabregas or something, but they've been pushed around the pitch and taken off their game. Despite taking the lead in the fourth minute on a brilliant goal from Adebayor, Arsenal rarely threatened after that. Yes, Adebayor deserved a penalty in the closing minutes, but if you can't win in the full 90, I have little sympathy with the need for favors in stoppage time.

It was a very frustrating match to watch. Arsenal never controlled the game. I'm not sure if they're in dire need for Fabregas to own the midfield again, but this can't go on. Newcastle is not a bad team, but they made Arsenal look like a very average team. Arsenal need more control in the midfield - Gilberto has lost the plot there, and while Diarra has shown exceptional ball control in the midfield, he hasn't matched that with exceptional ball movement.

Arsenal is not doomed by any stretch. We're still top of the table, and by a decent margin. But this won't persist if Arsenal continue to drop points to weaker opponents.