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Off-topic: Arsenal 1, Chelsea O


In a clear sign of divine approval, Arsenal pulled off a 1-0 win over Chelski today at Emirates Stadium. It was a scintillating affair, with Cole getting clubbed by both Adebayor and Fabregas (fitting, given that Cole criticized Fabregas in his book, which sold all of two copies, one he bought and the other picked up by his darling Tweedy). The most fitting moment, however, was in Gallas putting Arsenal ahead. Gallas, the former Chelsea man.

Sweet, sweet revenge.

Unfortunately, Manchester United took out Liverpool earlier in the day. A tie would have given Arsenal more daylight between it and the other members of the Big Four. But perhaps this win gave Arsenal more incentive to come out kicking.

And they did. They played like title contenders, while Chelsea continued to drop points and find everything but the back of the net:

But while Chelsea had not been defeated for 16 matches they have now lost to Manchester United and Arsenal and drawn against Liverpool and haemorrhaged eight points against their closest rivals this season.

Those are not title-winning statistics, but if ever there was a match which proved the thunderous appeal and total commitment of the Premier League then it was this one.

Chelsea failed. Arsenal succeeded. This is the way it always was until Chelsea's Russian billionaire bought the league for a few years. But the old Arsenal appears to be back. Against that Arsenal, it just doesn't matter who Chelsea buys.