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Off-topic: Arsenal 0 Portsmouth 0 - The first goalless Arsenal match


Full credit to Portsmouth: it's a good side. It should be, given that the core of its team is ex-Arsenal (Kanu, Campbell, Lauren). It's just unfortunate that today's Arsenal didn't bother showing up for the match. I thought I was watching the Arsenal of last season with lots of dithering around the penalty box and few clear chances on goal.

Rosicky had the two best chances on goal: one he took well but David James made an excellent save. The other? Well, let's just say he had a beautiful feed from Bendtner (who should have started alongside Adebayor - why must we persist with this cautious 4-5-1?) that he squandered by hooking the ball wide to the right. I forgive Gallas for missing from within the six-yard box but Rosicky really needs to do better.

All in all, this was not the way I hoped to spend Boxing Day. It was nice to see Chelsea draw at home against Aston Villa, though Chelsea deserved to lose that game, and badly. It was almost nice to see Liverpool lose or draw to Derby, but they came through in the last few minutes on a bad call and a great Gerrard goal. Manchester United, of course, kept its freight training running against puny Sunderland. No surprise there.

It would have been nice to see Arsenal threatening the Portsmouth goal. Alas, it was not to me. Now I'll go take it out on my brothers and sisters at a family gathering.