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Off-topic: Arsenal 0 AC Milan 0 (Champions League)


AC Milan may be the Club World and Champions League 2007 champions, but Arsenal made them look very pedestrian today. Unfortunately, Arsenal's shooting also looked very ordinary, with the team apparently deciding to shoot every single ball directly at the AC Milan keeper. Nice plan. Worked like a charm.

Except for Adebayor's golden opportunity in the 93rd minute, Arsenal never looked like it was going to put the ball into the AC Milan net. Threatening, ever threatening, yet never finishing the job. It was like 2006/07 all over again.

Lily and Clichy

At least the team threatened. Fabregas was on again and it was great to have Clichy (shown here with my two-year old demon child) and Sagna back on defense. I think our odds are good against the AC Milan dullards in Milan but it would have been nice to carry a lead into that game.

Oh, well. After a crushing defeat to Manchester United, I suppose a draw was a good result. I just wish Toure wouldn't have been injured in the process.

P.S. Someone please cut Eboue from the squad. He adds nothing and detracts much.