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Off-road posing

Off-road posing

The number of SUVs that have never been off-road are legion. Many of them don't actually even have four-wheel drive, and many that do would be scraping bumper on any descent/ascent. But people buy SUVs to look rugged, to let potential mates know that they would rather be among trees and mountains than sitting in commute traffic. To enhance the outdoorsy appeal, Sprayonmud makes even the most streetbound SUV look like it's been fording streams on the way to a secluded mountain lake.

The idea is pretty goofy. In fact, just as goofy as all those SUVs used mostly for weekly grocery store runs. From the pictures, the mud looks a little darker than what you see on actual off-roaders. The Web site doesn't say anything about how you clean it off, although it does suggest Sprayonmud is harmless. To really up the rugged appeal, maybe a version could be marketed for your clothes and hair.