Odds and Ends: Yahoo! Mail, problems accessing; Knowledge Base updates

Odds and Ends: Yahoo! Mail, problems accessing; Knowledge Base updates


Yahoo! Mail, problems accessing Apple isn't the only company with a faltering hosted e-mail solution; users are reporting difficulties with Yahoo!'s e-mail service (offered in free and paid versions) as well, according to a report on Nodepoint, who also offers a potential workaround:

"If you're among the unknown number of Mac users affected by this recent problem and you normally use the classic interface, here?s the $24.99 workaround. Just remember, your mileage may vary, but you won?t have to wait on hold or open your wallet to find out.

"Launch Firefox or later and go to this URL: http://new.mail.yahoo.com/; click on Try It and then enter your username and password as you normally would and press Enter. If your account page loads, you should have access to all your mail, as long as you use the Beta version. If it doesn?t work, you may get this error: Yahoo! Mail Beta experienced a login error: Login error: document.body.insertAdjacentHTML is not a function.

"In that case, click on Okay to dismiss that drop-down sheet and clear out your location bar in Firefox. Type in about:config to see all your configuration preferences. In the Filter bar at the top of that list, type useragent; in a second you should see only four items, but we?re only interested in the second one from the top, the one that probably says general.useragent.extra.msie; if it does, you need to change that." More.

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