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Odds and Ends: Suitcase/SETI conflict? Resolution for iTunes music store shopping cart issue; more

Odds and Ends: Suitcase/SETI conflict? Resolution for iTunes music store shopping cart issue; more

Suitcase/SETI conflict? MacFixIt reader Angus reports a conflict between Suitcase 11.x and the SETI client for which we are seeking confirmation:

"We are currently installing all our new design software on our spanky new 1.8 dual when I came across a conflict. I put SETI on the machine first and watched as it crunched units at a fantastic rate. Suitcase 11.02 went on last and performed OK with one exception. Without fail using "option activate" to make a font/sets activation permanent caused suitcase to hang... sometimes to the extent that a manual restart was required. Removal of the SETI application (using the deinstaller) completely fixed the issue."

Resolution for iTunes music store shopping cart issue We previously reported an incident where an iTunes music store customer was had a charge appearing next to one of the iTunes Music Store's free songs of the day, and was unable to remove the item from his shopping cart.

The reader, Sam, has since resolved the issue with Apple's help:

"Regarding my previous note about the 'free download stuck in my iTMS shopping cart with a price of $7.92' issue, an exchange with iTunes Music Store support caused them to remove the bogus item from my cart and now all is well. Looks like the state of the cart is stored on an iTunes Music Store server, nothing I could do on my PowerBook about it."

So if you are having a similar problem, make sure to contact the iTunes Music Store support center immediately.

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