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Odds and Ends: Retrospect 6 requires new backup set format; Knowledge Base Updates

Odds and Ends: Retrospect 6 requires new backup set format; Knowledge Base Updates

Retrospect 6 requires new backup set format Yesterday we noted the release of Retrospect 6.0, which fixes a number of long-standing conflicts with OS X 10.3 (Panther). MacFixIt reader David Notley points out an important caveat for upgrading to version 6.0, noted in a Dantz Technical Note:

"The format that Retrospect uses for backup sets' catalog files has been changed to support some of the new features. Users will need to create new backup sets in order to back up data. The new backup sets will not be recognized with previous versions of Retrospect. Older backup sets will be treated as read-only. While users will not be able to append to pre-existing backup sets, they will be able to restore data from them, and will be able to recreate the older backup sets' catalog files from their media if necessary."

New/Updated Knowledge Base articles

  • 107826: Mac OS X Server 10.2.8: Copying Files via AFP Takes Longer After Installing Security Update 2003-12-19 has been updated to note that installing Security Update 2004-01-26 allegedly fixes this problem.
  • 107795: AirPort Card: Cannot Join a WPA Network When Using Earlier Software explains the hardware and software requirements for using WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access).
  • 93201: iMovie 3.0.3: Projects Don't Open In Final Cut Express or Final Cut Pro notes that in order to view projects exported from iMovie 3.0.3, you need to upgrade to Final Cut Pro 4.0.1 or later, or Final Cut Express 2.0 or later.
  • 61733: Final Cut Pro 3 and Final Cut Express: "An error occurred finding one or more of the specified capture scratch volume(s)" Alert notes an issue that is fixed by upgrading to OS X 10.2.3 or later.
  • 93340: iMovie 3: Unable to Play or Import Clips on Power Mac G4 Cube notes an odd consequence of not having speakers connected to your Cube.
  • 93649: iPod: Tip- Smart Playlists Based on Grouping notes that the iTunes 4.2 feature that lets you create Smart Playlists based on Grouping does not work on the iPod.
  • 93615: GarageBand Manuals provides download links for GarageBand manuals (currently in English and Japanese).

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  • 107826
  • 107795
  • 93201
  • 61733
  • 93340
  • 93649
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