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Odds and Ends: OS X/OS 9 Finder label inconsistencies; iTunes/Expose bug?; Knowledge Base updates

Odds and Ends: OS X/OS 9 Finder label inconsistencies; iTunes/Expose bug?; Knowledge Base updates

OS X/OS 9 Finder label inconsistencies In Panther (OS X 10.3) Apple brought back Mac OS 9's popular file label feature; you can now label files using various colors, and those labels even transfer between OS X and OS 9. However, MacFixIt reader "Michael" brings up an issue we hadn't previously considered: the labels aren't the same color between OS X and OS 9:

"Imagine what happens in a mixed Workflow with OS9 and OSX workstations. If the graphics guy on the OS9 Mac tells the one working on Panther, 'Hey, take the magenta colored file,' and it looks yellow to the other guy... Why would Apple want to create this possible nightmare?...There are a lot of people with OS9 machines still floating around in the Art Departments and it is paramount that OS9 and OSX users get the same server view."

The actual colors that correspond to one another are:

    OS 9 => OS X
    orange => red
    red => orange
    pink => yellow
    light blue => green
    darker blue => blue
    green => purple
    brown => gray

UPDATE We've had several readers email us that the OS 9 Finder label colors listed above are different than those on their own Macs. The ones listed above are the stock label colors from a clean installation of Mac OS 9; as OS 9 allows the user to change label colors, it's possible the label colors on an individual Mac may be different.

iTunes/Expose bug? MacFixIt reader Frank Ippolito notes a minor bug between iTunes and Expose when the iTunes "Get Info" dialog is open:

"If the 'All Windows' Expose command is invoked while a 'Get Info' window in iTunes is displayed, and then the iTunes window is clicked to return the display to normal, the 'Get Info' window disappears and iTunes becomes unresponsive. You can work around this by invoking the 'All Windows' command again, clicking on a different application window then invoking 'All Windows' again and reselecting the iTunes window."

We've confirmed this minor issue here at MacFixIt. However, we also found that you can bring the Get Info window to the front, without having to invoke Expose again, by simply clicking the iTunes icon in the Dock. You can also press command ~ to switch between the main iTunes window and the Get Info dialog. Nevertheless, this is still a bug that would confuse many users.

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