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Odds and Ends: Knowledge Base Updates

Odds and Ends: Knowledge Base Updates

  • 25639: Mac OS X 10.3: Security Update 2003-11-04 Doesn't Install documents a problem installing the Security Update, and provides a workaround.
  • 25624: Mac OS X 10.3, iDisk: Local iDisk Sync Issues, Some Folders May Appear Empty recommends updating to OS X 10.3.1 if you're having problem syncing your iDisk.
  • 107792: Safari 1.1: Safari Quits Unexpectedly When PithHelmet Is Installed documents an incompatibility with Safari 1.1 and the third-party Safari utility PithHelmet. Teh solution is to remove the PithHelmet SIMBL file (which will disable PithHelmet).

  • 25639
  • 25624
  • 107792
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