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Odds and Ends: iTunes music store stalls during download; more

Odds and Ends: iTunes music store stalls during download; more

iTunes music store stalls during download Lee Bennett reports some problems with downloads stalling during purchase transactions from the iTunes music store for which we are seeking further confirmation:

"I've been suffering aborted and missed downloads with iTMS about three times in a row now. The smaller, 2- to 3-song purchases I've made have been fine, but the most recent three purchases that have included a full album or more have all had a similar thing happen. The one commonality for all three times is getting an error dialog at some point in the middle of downloading songs (sorry, I've failed to copy down exactly what it said--will update if I see it again) stating that downloading can't continue and that I should use the Check for Purchased Music option to retrieve my songs. I do this and the downloads resume. All three times, one of the songs was missing from the list in iTunes. Checking for purchased music again didn't find the missing song, either. One of the times, though, I later discovered the .m4p file actually did download, but somehow didn't get added to the iTunes library. In the first two cases, Apple reinstated the download for the missing track. I just sent a note tonight about my most recent (third) suffer. This third case, however, introduced a new oddity...the remaining songs on the album I had purchased that I downloaded after checking for purchased music did not have the album cover art embedded. Easily solved by copying it from the first track and pasting it into the tracks that were lacking the art--but still disconcerting."

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An example of excellent Mac OS X support from Nokia MacFixIt reader Lawrence Mayer has an example of one firm's excellent Mac OS X support, and reinforcement of the notion that diligence and patience often pay off when making a call to technical support.

"On June 15th purchased a Nokia 6600 cell direct from T-Mobile Store in part for voice but mostly for data with its Bluetooth capabilities. For the first TWO days I was unable to use the GPRS capabilities. First, I was told that it would take that long to 'provision' and later after having waited one T-Mobile Rep said that there was no coverage in my home areas so I would be unable to properly test it from home. Felix another T-Mobile Rep. treated it as an network problem telling me I need to wait an additional 24 to 48 hours. All the while the GPRS signal on the Nokia 6600 showed 1 to 5 bars. I finally got to Mika Shephard, third tier wireless data group specialist and later as I would find out a Macintosh lover, who in less than 30 minutes not only corrected the setting in the Nokia 6600 so that it would connect. But was more than happy to walked me thru setup of my powerbook G4 in 10.2 and she indicated could have also done it under 10.3 if needed. This kind of outstanding professionalism have learned Macintosh?s on her own time needs to be rewarded and noticed."

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