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Odds and Ends: iDVD project files and .Mac backups; New/updated Knowledge Base articles

Odds and Ends: iDVD project files and .Mac backups; New/updated Knowledge Base articles

iDVD project files and .Mac backups MacFixIt reader Tom Zimmer notes a problem that can arise from the creation of extremely large temporary files in the ~/Documents folder, where automatic .Mac backups (or any limited-space backups) fail:

"I have discovered an interesting interaction between Apple's Backup program and iDVD.  I have setup Backup to archive my Documents folder to .MAC every night at 4AM.  This works well for me, and makes sure I won't lose any more than a days worth of documents.  Last evening, I decided to make a DVD using iMovie and iDVD.  When I finished editing the video, I passed it on to iDVD, and setup the theme etc.  Then I put a blank DVD into the Superdrive, and told iDVD to burn the DVD when it was finished encoding.  This morning, the completed DVD was waiting for me (the good news), but there was a message on the screen that Backup had failed.  Then I remembered that iDVD always creates it's project in the Documents folder.  Sure enough, Backup was trying to backup the multi hundred megabyte iDVD project file to .MAC.  I only have the standard 100MB .Mac, so it failed.  I had to empty my .Mac backup folder, and re-perform the backup to ensure my data was secure.  Not a big deal, but it sure would be nice if Apple provided a way to set the default location where new iDVD projects were created, or alternatively if they just created the iDVD project inside the iMovie folder, so they would be together."


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