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Odds and Ends: Final Cut Pro 4.1 problems; Knowledge Base Updates

Odds and Ends: Final Cut Pro 4.1 problems; Knowledge Base Updates

Final Cut Pro 4.1 problems Reader David Shough reports that the Final Cut Pro 4.1 Update has rendered FCP unusable in their lab:

"We just installed the FCP 4.1 updater released yesterday, and it totally screws up Final Cut on our lab of 1ghz eMacs. After installing the update, and launching Final Cut, the application opens with just the browser window and the viewer visible. If you try to open a sequence, an 'out of memory' message appears instead. I have reinstalled the update, repaired permissions, deleted preference files, deleted all third-party plugins....nothing works."

Ironically, an Apple Knowledge Base article claims that a similar problem existed in FCP 4.0 and 4.0.1, but was fixed in version 4.0.2: "Upgrade to Final Cut Pro 4.0.2 or later if the program unexpectedly quits when opening the Sequence Settings in Mac OS X 10.3."

In addition, reader Peter Kaitlyn reports problems with serial numbers after installing FCP 4.1:

"After updating to Final Cut Pro 4.1 the app requests a serialization, but won't accept the serial number. Nothing I do seems to help.... Since all the apps that are part of the FCP 4 suite use the same serial it's affected all of them."

New/Updated Knowledge Base Articles

  • 93474: iTunes: How to Use a Smart Playlist to Make Regular Backups of Your Music provides some tips for backing up all music added since a certain date.
  • 93033: iTunes 4: How to Back Up Music is an update to the article describing how to back up your music files.
  • 93436: Soundtrack: Windows Clicked Through Expose May Not Become Active describes a incompatibility between Panther's Expose functionality and Soundtrack 1.0.1 and earlier. The solution is to update to Soundtrack 1.1 or later.
  • 75185: Knowledge Base: Recent Changes also lists a significant number of new and updated articles relating to Final Cut Pro and Shake

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