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Odds and Ends: Eudora/AppleWorks conflict; New Palm OS won't support Mac sync? QuarkXPress 6.1 Update; more

Odds and Ends: Eudora/AppleWorks conflict; New Palm OS won't support Mac sync? QuarkXPress 6.1 Update; more

Eudora/AppleWorks conflict Yesterday we covered a report of a conflict between AppleWorks 6.2.9 and Eudora 6.0.2, where Eudora is unable to check for new mail when an AppleWorks spreadsheet is open. Although we've received a couple of non-specific reports of "no problems," we've also received several confirmations of the problem from readers. Perry Clark notes:

"I have had the problem with Eudora that Jiff Hirst documents in [Wednesday's] MacFixit. I've had it for some time but it was sporadic and I never made the connection to AppleWorks. So, after reading Jeff's information, I fired up AppleWorks and opened a spreadsheet. I didn't have any trouble with Eudora as long as the spreadsheet was open, but when I closed the spreadsheet and quit AppleWorks, the problem manifested itself in Eudora. It's the exact [error] Jeff describes... Once I quit and restarted Eudora, it worked fine."

New Palm OS won't support mac sync? A BrightHand article covering the PalmSource conference reports that a Palm representative "made it clear that PalmSource isn't developing a Mac version of the Palm Desktop [for the next generation of Palm OS]. As the way the PIM apps work has changed significantly, this means Mac users won't be able to HotSync without third-party software. Fortunately, a third party has already stepped forward. Mark/Space is going to release a version of its Missing Sync application for Cobalt. This will allow existing Mac conduits for other third-party applications to still work." (Palm Infocenter has posted a similar story.)

Quark releases QuarkXPress 6.1 Update On Wednesday, Quark released QuarkXPress 6.1 Update, a ~75MB download. Among the changes listed as being included in the update are:

  • Support for Mac OS X v10.3 Panther
  • Improved integration with Microsoft Excel
  • Ability to select a picture then open and edit it in a preferred image editing application
  • New font mapping utility to create and manage rules to govern automatic font substitution

Security issue with HP RIP software MacFixIt reader Larry Thoman notes a potential security issue with the new (v3.2.0, build 0514) HP RIP software for HP DesignJet printers:

"If the user has the 'Require password to wake this computer from sleep or screen saver' option set in the Security Preference Panel, sleep and the screen saver are never activated, exposing the user's screen (and access to all programs & information) to anyone who walks by. The only way to prevent the problem is to manually start the RIP software before printing and then close it after printing, which is a highly inconvenient method for using the software."

Microsoft issues Security Bulletin for Virtual PC Microsoft issued a Security Bulletin for Virtual PC 6.0-6.1 for Mac, noting:

"A security vulnerability exists in Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac. The vulnerability exists because of the method by which Virtual PC for Mac creates a temporary file when you run Virtual PC for Mac. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability by inserting malicious code into the file which could cause the code to be run with system privileges. This could give the attacker complete control over the system."

The solution is to update to Virtual PC v6.1.1.

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