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Odds and Ends: Adobe activation conflicting with RAID set-ups; Knowledge Base updates

Odds and Ends: Adobe activation conflicting with RAID set-ups; Knowledge Base updates

Adobe activation conflicting with RAID set-ups A number of users are reporting issues between Adobe's product activation scheme (used by various applications including InDesign and Acrobat) and RAID hard drive configurations.

RAID configurations store data simultaneously across several drives to provide increased speed or redundancy for backup purposes. Because several volumes are used, Adobe's activation scheme apparently assumes that the users is illegally attempting to install multiple copies of the application on different machines.

PDFZone, one publication covering the issue, says:

"Adobe's activation scheme mistook (a user's) Level 1 RAID system?a scheme in which a system stores data on multiple hard drives simultaneously for backup or increased speed?as an attempt to install Acrobat on multiple computers.

"An Adobe customer-service representative told the customer that he'd have to get a volume license for Acrobat Pro. After a visit to the Adobe Web site, he did the math: The change would entail at minimum one of the following: 10 Acrobat 7 Pro upgrade licenses; four new Acrobat 7 Pro single-user boxes; or 15 Acrobat 7 Standard upgrade licenses to meet the minimum of 1,500 points required.

"In the least-cost scheme, this represented an outlay of $1,200 to $1,500?just to enable him to use a single copy of Acrobat 7 on his machine."

If you have noticed similar issues, please let us know.

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