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Odds & Ends: Virex definitions delay; MacLinkPlus and Claris

Odds & Ends: Virex definitions delay; MacLinkPlus and Claris

September Virex definitions delayed? Stephen Kayner writes: "I asked Network Associates (NAI) tech support and customer service reps about where the September Virex update is. The tech support rep told me there would be no September update and the customer service rep told me it would be a couple of weeks late due to the transition of Virex from Dr. Solomon's." A new Virex 5.9b12 is available, but you cannot use any of its files with prior versions of Virex (thanks, Francisco Hirsch).

MacLinkPlus 10 and Claris Translators Theo Maschas writes: "MacLinkPlus 10 no longer installs a MacLinkPlus Extnd Bridge file in the Claris Translators folder in the System Folder. The old version is left there, and ignored" This means you can no longer directly access MacLink translators from within ClarisWorks. You can still do the translations. It just takes more steps.