Odds & Ends: Troubleshooting G3 Firmware Update; MacWEEK cracked; more

Odds & Ends: Troubleshooting G3 Firmware Update; MacWEEK cracked; more

Troubleshooting G3 Firmware Update 1.0.2 The item posted Saturday, called "Troubleshooting G3 Firmware Update 1.0.2," has been updated and reposted as a new MacFixIt Extra.

MacWEEK site cracked: it's back Last time, we reported the cracking and subsequent temporary removal of the MacWEEK web site. MacWEEK's Rothenberg informs us that "it turned out these guys wrought serious havoc with our site, and the restoration took a lot longer than expected." It is now back online (although when I just tried it, graphic images were loading more slowly than usual; they may still be working on getting everything back to normal).

Adobe has announced Adobe Type Manager Deluxe 4.5. It's "coming soon."

C-O-S-D extra feature For those of us who can still fully use the Command-Option-Shift-Delete keyboard combo, Robert Sandkam notes a little known extra: "By holding down 'Command-Option-Shift-Delete-1' during startup, you can force your Mac to boot from whatever SCSI device is located at SCSI ID 1 (assuming it is a drive with a System Folder on it). This works for any of the SCSI ID numbers." Robert did not know whether it still works for devices connected via an SCSI card.

eBayla A CNET News article notes that eBay has acknowledged a security hole, dubbed Ebayla, whereby you could alter "an eBay page with JavaScript to request the user name and password immediately after a user bids on an item. The password is then sent to the JavaScript author, who can use it to participate in other auctions without the user's knowledge." A related story covers other JavaScript security issues. Another web page describes how to protect yourself from eBayla. (Thanks, David Altman).

MP3 The Mac version of MPlayer3 is now listed (although it may not be shipping yet). It enables you to load MP3-music from the Internet to MultiMedia Cards and to listen to this music where ever you are. For recently updated software for playing MP3 files on your Mac, check out MacAMP Lite 1.5.2 and QuickMP3 1.0.2.

The Macworld Expo web site is live You can now register for the New York July 21-23 event. Steve Jobs, Apple's iCEO, will once again be the keynote speaker.

Apple's financial picture lauded Kevin Prigel of StreetAdvisor.com writes: "I never thought the day would come, but it is here. I am now officially...a fan of Apple's stock." The rest of the article explains why.

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