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Odds & Ends: Trojan horses; MacSpeech, Emailer and more

Odds & Ends: Trojan horses; MacSpeech, Emailer and more

Disk Repair Utilities Survey news The Disk Repair Utilities Survey page is no longer accepting new entries. The final batch of new comments will be posted on Monday. We will likely resume taking new entries in a couple of months.

"Another" Trojan Horse Matthew Bilder writes: "I downloaded a file called "Where to get OS 8.5" from a Hotline server. It turned out to be the same Trojan Horse file as the previously mentioned Mac OS 8.5 Tips & Tricks."

MacSpeech Barry Conner reports that a new program, called MacSpeech, is in development. It is intended as a "replacement" for Dragon System's now-dropped PowerSecretary. If you are interested in this product, you are encouraged to let MacSpeech know.

AOL and Emailer redux Despite the report last time, there is a growing consensus that AOL's problems with Claris Emailer are still not solved.

Mac OS Extended Format: Volume and File Limits (#24601) What are the limits of file and volume sizes in Mac OS Extended Format (sometimes referred to as HFS )? What is the maximum number of files on a volume? This TIL file supplies the answers.

Scrolling bug Regarding the Scrolling utility in our Download Library, Mike deWit writes: " I've had a nagging bug with it ever since I upgraded to OS 8.0. In my Keyboard control panel, as well as a couple of others, it was nearly impossible to grab the sliders. Whenever you'd mouse click, the window would get deactivated. It seemed where the mouse was pointing and where the click took effect were offset a bit. It wasn't always the same offset, and it didn't affect everything, just the Keyboard control panel and one or two others."

Name change Vicom Technology has changed its name to Vicomsoft.

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