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Odds & Ends: PGP Desktop Security help bug; Adaptex 2906 card and Mac OS 9.2.1 conflict?; more

Odds & Ends: PGP Desktop Security help bug; Adaptex 2906 card and Mac OS 9.2.1 conflict?; more

PGP Desktop Security Causes interferes with Mac OS Help Center Jacob Arnold writes: "Whenever I try to do a search from Mac OS 9.1's Help Center (the top level) I encounter a memory-related error. I found that PGP Help was causing the problem. I've tried to report this issue to PGP, but apparently they don't allow users to report a bug without signing up for extra support."

Adaptec 2906 SCSI card & Mac OS 9.2.1? A reader found that after upgrading to Mac OS 9.2.1, SCSI devices attached to an Adaptec 2906 card were no longer recognized. Turning off the SDAP and related extensions allowed the drives to reappear, but not reliably. We do not have enough information to confirm if this is a widespread issue, however, users should be aware that there could be a conflict between the card, certain devices, and Mac OS 9.2.1.

    Update: We have at least two previous reports of other problems with this Adaptec card and Mac OS 9.2.1, as cited in our Troubleshooting Mac OS 9.2 MacFixIt Report. However, in these cases, the card was at least recognized. Several readers similarly reply that the card is recognized on their 9.2.1 systems, typically with no problems at all. It appears likely that, for those who do have the problem, something beyond the card itself is involved. One reader suggested that SCSI Probe 5.2 might be the cause. When he removed it, his SCSI-related symptoms vanished.

QuickSilver 867 MHz G4 enclosure and Apple Pro Speakers Klaus Warschkow writes: "When I try to plug in the Apple Pro Speakers into a QuickSilver 867 MHz G4 the plug doesn't connect properly, so the speakers do not work. If I connect the speakers to the 733 MHz QuickSilver G4 or any older G4 or G3 machines, there are no problems. The difference is that on the older Macs the plug clicks into position firmly, which does not happen on the 867 MHz machine. It looks like the speaker port on the 867 MHz QuickSilver G4 sits further back on the older Macs, or at least there is a bigger gap." However, another user reports that his QuickSilver 867 accepts the speaker plug normally.