Odds & Ends: MacFixIt anniversary and more

Odds & Ends: MacFixIt anniversary and more

MacFixIt second anniversary Saturday (October 10) marked the second anniversary of the MacFixIt name for this Web site.

QuarkXPress 4.04 update install glitch QuarkXPress 4.04 fixes an assortment of bugs (thanks, Nathan Teske). Two readers (Peter Fine and Herbert Reininger ) report that the Smaller Updater (for 4.03 to 4.04) did not work for them. When Peter tried the larger Universal Updater, it worked as expected.

Update: Jeff Farrell writes that he let the Smaller Updater sit for about 7 minutes after it seemed to finished. "Finally a message came up saying it had succesfully updated."

Desktop rebuilding issues Have you had problems attempting to rebuild the desktop using the rebuild command in Conflict Catcher 8 or in TechTool? If so, note that Henry Cline received the following explanation from Casady & Greene: "The problem is due to StuffIt Deluxe's True Finder Integration. Disabling that extension has always allowed desktop rebuilding to work correctly." Perhaps the forthcoming StuffIt Deluxe 5.0 will fix this.

G3 Mac crash when waking from sleep Does your G3 desktop Mac crash when you wake it up from sleep (mentioned here previously)? Matt Vlasach now writes that Apple has confirmed that this is somehow caused by the Iomega driver extension, but only if your have an ATAPI Zip drive installed and only if there is a CD-ROM disc in the tray when you put the machine to sleep.

SoundInputCS4236 and DVD-ROM drives John Pastore claims that there is a conflict between a file called SoundInputCS4236 and DVD-ROM drives. Essentially, the drive does not work when the extension is enabled. Disable it and it works fine. He is not sure what this extension does or where it came from.

Hasbro games won't play on the Internet Hasbro's Scrabble for the Mac (and other Hasbro interactive games) reportedly cannot be used for play over the Internet, even though Hasbro promised at least 18 months ago that this would be fixed. (Thanks, Brian Hecker via Scott Rose.)

iMac price drop? Reader Glen writes: "I was in the CompUSA store in Henderson, NV on Friday. There was a large display of iMacs priced at $1199.00." However, this is likely to be for a refurbished iMac (MacWarehouse offers the same deal).

iMac award The iMac won CNET's Most Innovative Product award for 1998.

Alternative OS choices An article in MacWEEK explores Apple's support (or lack of support) for BeOS and MkLinux.

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