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Odds & Ends in Mac OS 8

Odds & Ends in Mac OS 8

Information on the following items have been moved to Troubleshooting Mac OS 8:

    Disk cache limits
    Mac OS 8 install error and Newer MAXpowr 200 MHz CPU card?

Global Village modems and OT/PPP Readers continue to confirm that problems connecting with Global Village modems in Mac OS 8 can be solved by switching from OT/PPP to FreePPP.

Apple 486 card DOS glitch? According to Don Cook, Apple has confirmed that, when running in DOS mode on a Power Mac 6100 with an Apple 486 card installed, problems (including system crashes) are likely to occur. They told him to expect a fix by next month.

Update: Michael Martel reports not seeing this problem at all. He adds:"This is most likely related to the version of PC Compatibility software in use. We're running 1.5 which is the latest supported version from Apple. As you may remember,1.5.5 was posted and then removed. I'm using 1.5.5 on a machine and it has fits and crashes all the time."
Another reader reports using version 1.6, which came with a 7220/200 (4400) DOS compatible, and having no problem using Mac OS 8.