Odds & Ends: Hotmail leak, G3 upgrade for 54xx/64xx, and more

Odds & Ends: Hotmail leak, G3 upgrade for 54xx/64xx, and more

Pssst... Want a copy of Disk First Aid 8.5.1 and Drive Setup 1.6 (presumably to be included in Mac OS 8.5)? They are available (for the moment anyway!) at the University of Wisconsin's ftp site.[I removed the link at their request.]

Hotmail leak not completely plugged Articles from ZDNet and news.com both claim that the fix for the Hotmail security leak (mentioned here last time) is at best a partial fix. The danger still remains.

Netscape Animated icon glitch? The animated Netscape icon in the upper right corner of the window in Netscape browsers is supposed to stop when the page finishes loading. Several readers have reported that, with Communicator/Navigator 4.06, it never stops. This does not happen in all cases, but it seems to be common.

Update: Greg Delisle writes: "This problem seems to occur only when I view a page that has an animated GIF on it." I have not confirmed this.

DVD card with multiple monitors Reader Frederico found that his ixMicro UltimateRez cards was incompatible with his new Apple-installed DVD card. That is, both card-types cannot be installed and work at the same time. Apple could not recommend a PCI video card that is compatible. He writes: "Be aware that if you want multiple monitors and the Apple DVD card, that there is currently no Apple-blessed solution."

Twentieth Anniversary Mac buzz: a happy ending As mentioned here previously, Apple is offering a repair for the buzzing sound that plagues many Twentieth Anniversary Macs. Matt McDowell was one owner who had this problem. He writes: "Today I was contacted by Apple tech support. They are sending out new base units (in one to two days) to fix the problem. We then call Airborne Express to pick up our old one at no charge. Fortunately this means those of us who rely on our Twentieths every day, we won't be without our babies at all."

G3 upgrade for 54xx/64xx Macs VPower plans to release a G3 240 MHz upgrade card for Macintosh Performa 54xx/64xx computers and compatible machines in October.

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