Odds & Ends: G3 PowerBook heat, AOL and Emailer, and more

Odds & Ends: G3 PowerBook heat, AOL and Emailer, and more

G3 Series PowerBook heat Regarding continuing concerns that G3 series PowerBooks (at least the ones prior to the updated versions announced yesterday) run very hot: Apple Customer Service told a MacFixIt reader that Apple "is extremely concerned" about the heat problem, "is actively investigating the issue" though "what will be done has not been determined." The rep said the heat problem could possibly be dealt with via a software update. Any announcements would be made online at the TIL page."

AOL and Emailer: a follow-up Regarding previously reported recent problems getting AOL email using Claris Emailer, Patrick Foster reports getting the following reply from AOL: "This is an error that was generated from a problem on our end. We are sorry this happened. The problem is currently being worked on. There is no estimated time of repair at this time, sorry."

MacLinkPlus slowdown? Chuck Griffin writes: "After installing MacLinkPlus 10 on 6 of the 17 Macs on my network, there is a serious slowdown on every one the those machines. It's installed on avariety of models - from 6100s to G3 266s. There is as much as a 5 second startup delay on every machine it's installed on, and they operate much slower overall." I have not yet received other reports of this.

New G3 cards Newer Technology has unveiled new 333MHz, 366MHz and 400MHz MAXpowr G3 Upgrade Cards for Apple Macintosh G3 Computers.

Lower G3 card prices Mactell Corporation announced PowerJolt G3 processor upgrade card price reductions. For example, the PowerJolt G3 250MHz 512k Cache 2 to 1 Ratio is now $429, while the PowerJolt G3 300MHz 1024k Cache 1 to 1 Ratio is now $1449.

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