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Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

NC Computers coming? MacWEEK reports that Apple will announce a NC (Network Computer) model at the January Macworld Expo.

Macworld Expo definitely moving to the Big Apple Meanwhile, it is definite that the summer Macworld Expo will be in New York instead of Boston. Scheduled dates are July 7-10. Boston mourns the loss.

FWB partition note I have seen recent mention of an FWB web page that warns against creating more than a single partition on certain IDE drives. We first mentioned this warning last June. At that time, the FWB note said "We are investigating this problem and will post an update as soon as it is resolved." The note still says this. I guess it is a difficult problem to resolve.

Memory leak work-arounds It has long been established that some memory leak problems (as recently reported here) may be temporarily solved by quitting all open applications and then quitting the Finder (ideally using a program such as Terminator Strip or Quitter to do so). Reader Zack West offers an interestingvariation on this theme that he claims works for him all the time: request that TechTool rebuild the desktop. When it asks to quit all open applications, say okay. At this point, you can cancel the rebuild and quit TechTool. The fragmented memory problem should now be gone - until its next recurrence. The only problem here is, if you use Mac OS 8, the 1.1.5 version of TechTool automatically restarts your Mac, defeating the advantage of this technique.

GIF problem has been around for awhile Eric Belsley (of the MRP) notes that the GIF problem with Netscape browsers, reported here previously, has been around since Netscape Communicator first came out.

OTUtilityLib error work-around? Robert Brandtjen has been plagued by the Mac OS 8 "OTUtilityLib" error message (as previously reported here). He found that removing the internal battery of his Mac for about a half hour solved the problem. He says that zapping the PRAM, even with TechTool did not work. Doing this also cleared up a problem with modem and printer port assignments that he was having. I cannot confirm any of this, but I pass it on FYI.