Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

Apple's quarterly loss Apple has posted a $161 million loss for the past quarter (see press release). However, when you remove a one time restructuring charge and the cost of purchasing Power Computing, it is only $24 million. This is still worse than analysts predicted and amounts to more than a billion dollars lost for the fiscal year. News.com has more details.

Kaleidoscope 1.7.3 is out. According to Greg: "It is a maintenance release. It provides the complete spectrum of Mac OS 8 accent colors, improves support for black and white monitors, and addresses many Mac OS 8 issues."

DaynaPort driver update Dayna has posted a version 1.02 update of the DaynaPort Ethernet/PCI driver (as part of a DaynaPort 7.7.2 package). "This extension alleviates the problems with network communications." (Thanks, Steve Bennett.)

After Dark fixes sound setting bug According to Richard Shapiro, After Dark v4.0.3 (released last August) prevents the problem with After Dark causing the sound control panel to keep resetting sound level to maximum.

Update: David Kingsbury claims this problem still exists with 4.0.3, but only "if you select a module with sound." Other modules work okay. Others claim it fixes all sound problems.

Apple ColorOne scanner and virtual memory Fran Ollweiler could not get her Apple ColorOne Scanner to scan in Mac OS 8. She discovered that it she turned off virtual memory, it worked fine.

Update: Jeff Irwin writes: "This is a documented bug with older versions of the Scanner extension. The new version 4.2 remedies this problem."

DiskEssentials 1.1 update has been slightly delayed. Expect its release real soon.

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